What do we do?

We design and create things for ourselfs, family and friends, mainly I do design and development for websites and programs.


With working in the internet industry there are many languages you can learn and those that I get the most out off are: HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, Visual Basic, Perl, Bash and C.

Creating a website requries knowing the HTML standards and how they effect different browsers, once you have found out how to make your own first page (not using word or frontpage that is ;)) then look at learning CSS as this is being used more and more in the industry.


Not many people can create things or come up with the initial idea, we appear to have that talent.

We create our own Cards.. yes Cards the type you get for your Birthday and Christmas etc :p

Along with creating cards, I also come up with a few good website designs also, the combination of colours etc and where to put what picture. With an understanding of how to create a webpage I can tell if putting the image in the top right corner for example is possible, some people think if you design a website the developer can create it... its not always that easy!


I have taken a recent interest in taking pictures with a Canon EOS400, yes its an expensive hobby but its rewarding, check out the gallery page to see what pictures I have taken. You could visit my flickR account also if you wanted to.